Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ok so Mom said I need to post some more here. Something about people checking it and not seeing anything new.

I have been sick for ab0ut 5 days now. They don't have Advil Cols and Sinus here so I have had to weather the storm. I am almost better now. Linda sent me a package with some medicine in it so the next time I get sick I will be able to take something.

She also sent me a blanket. I can't wait until this gets here. Right now I am using a top sheet. They don't have real blankets here. I don't understand why but they don't.

In the meantime I am just going to school every day and that's about all. I am getting ready to book my trip to Switzerland. I will be going to Zermatt, Switzerland. It is a little town in the south and there are no cars. I have to fly into Geneva and take a train. So I will fly in on Friday and ski on Saturday and Sunday then leave on Monday.

I know it's dissapointing but it does not look like we are going to October Fest. I know Doris really wanted me to go. After looking into it here, we found out that it is somethign that should have been booked months ago. The airfare and hotels are so expensive that it does not seem like a good idea to me.

Mom still has not received my computer. Which means that it is not yet repaired. So I still can't really post pictures. I will write more in a couple of days.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


As some of you may have guessed or read here Madrid is not an amazing city. It is very brown, coming from the US from two places that are exceptionally green this was quite different to me. Today is the firt time since I have been here that it has rained. And it lasted for about 10 minutes. There is lightning off in the distance right now and it is quite amazing. It is a very large lightning storm. Which has prompted me to add an entry to the list...

Monday, September 8, 2008


So with some extra time I have right now I went and did some web surfing. One of the places I went to was Mark's blog. And on that blog there is a very interesting quote. Those of you who know me will realize that this quote really works for me. So I would like to say thank you Mark for the quote. And if Someone could pass this along to him so he can see my pictures and so he can see that he gave me a wonderful quote. So now for the famous quote.

"Normal is only a setting on the dryer"

That is a truly fantastic quote. I honestly don't know why it is so amazing it is kinda like art. Where there is no reason why it is great you just feel a certain way when you see it. I think its great.

Weekend Update...

This weekend was great. I went to Santiago de Compostela and La Coruna. They are both in North Western Spain, La Coruna is right on the coast. It is the home of the oldest lighthouse in Spain, and Santiago de Compostela is the home of a very large church. La Coruna was my favorite. It was right on the coast and I was able to see the sunset on the Atlantic Ocean. La Coruna is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It was not dry and brown like Madrid, it actually rains there and there is grass.
This is a statue that is on the hill of the lighthouse.

Everyone on the trip was from UF there are eight of us. That is the lighthouse in the background.

I can't upload any more because of this little computer. I have no way to turn down the quality and make the file size smaller so it takes way too long to upload the pictures. I will post more once I get my other computer back.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekend plans...

This weekend we have a four day weekend. So I am doing some traveling. We (other peeps from UF) are going to Santaigo de Compostelo. It is a town that is an 8.5 hour train ride from Madrid. It is supposed to be really beautiful, there is a cathedral that I guess is world famous and many other things to see. I would like to see a sunset on the Atlantic, I don't know if I will be able to but I think it would be cool.

I will of course post some pictures once I get back on Monday night.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is great...

I am putting a few of these up because I am looking for my favorite one and I can't find it. So I am coming across these other videos. Very very funny...

Funny Stuff...

so I am home from school now and dont have much to do. some people choose to put funny things on their blogs. Not that I am copying those other people I am just expanding the usefulness of my blog. so now you can come here to see stuff about my trip to Spain and some funny stuff.


Today was great; however, on Sunday my nice, big, million dollar HP computer broke. Yes, it broke and yes that is the second time in a month that the piece of garbage has broke. It worked fine for an entire year then when I decide to travel 6000 miles away from my home it decides to have all of it's problems.

So, I went out and bought a computer that has a 7" screen and is the size of a portable DVD player. It's working but it's quite entertaining to use. It has a spanish keyboard and since it does not have a cd-rom drive I can't change the language of the operating system.

Anyway, everything is going great. Today was the orientation at my school. It seems mostly to be pretty easy. I will post some more pictures as soon as I have them!