Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ok so Mom said I need to post some more here. Something about people checking it and not seeing anything new.

I have been sick for ab0ut 5 days now. They don't have Advil Cols and Sinus here so I have had to weather the storm. I am almost better now. Linda sent me a package with some medicine in it so the next time I get sick I will be able to take something.

She also sent me a blanket. I can't wait until this gets here. Right now I am using a top sheet. They don't have real blankets here. I don't understand why but they don't.

In the meantime I am just going to school every day and that's about all. I am getting ready to book my trip to Switzerland. I will be going to Zermatt, Switzerland. It is a little town in the south and there are no cars. I have to fly into Geneva and take a train. So I will fly in on Friday and ski on Saturday and Sunday then leave on Monday.

I know it's dissapointing but it does not look like we are going to October Fest. I know Doris really wanted me to go. After looking into it here, we found out that it is somethign that should have been booked months ago. The airfare and hotels are so expensive that it does not seem like a good idea to me.

Mom still has not received my computer. Which means that it is not yet repaired. So I still can't really post pictures. I will write more in a couple of days.


Anonymous said...

I thought you were never going to update your website--Grampy

Monica said...

Thank you for finally posting. People checking your website and being disappointed for no updates, means people love you.

Anonymous said...

Kevin kevin kevin i miss you!!!! i still can't believe ur not in campus with us!!! so yeah hope that ur having a great time and come home soon so that we get to hear all ur amazing stories! plus pics! :]
Lorena :]

Anonymous said...

VRBO has quite a few apartments that are reasonable by the night and look great! look at them when you get time and let us know which one we should choose--It would nice to have a real apartment instead of just a hotel room but the location is up to you====On a sad note we ahd to put Jake to sleep this morning he was so bad I felt so sorry for him,you can no longer call him a "cow"I am getting ready to go home for thr forst time without jake greeting me