Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Post Office Info...

OK well now, since I have been in Europe I have visited a few totally different parts of the world. And as expected the government services in those places were also different. Every place that I went I sent some postcards to people in the states and I paid attention to when people said that they got them.

Switzerland 4-5 days
Spain 5-6 days
Egypt 3-4 weeks

And everyone who has read James' account of our trip to Egypt should not be suprised by that. I am actualy more suprised that they made it out of Egypt and to America but then I was staying at the Hilton (great choice in a bad security country) so I figured that they would be a little more responsible than the average Egyptian hotel.


Monica said...

Here is a link to James's Egypt website. He gives amazing details. It is quite amazing you two made it out of there.

Anonymous said...

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