Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ok here are some pictures that I have taken over the past month or so. 

This is the group of us that went to La Coruna last month. This was of an Atlantic sunset and us in the picture. I thought it turned out pretty cool. 

This is my "Atlantic Sunset" picture. I know that my high school photo teacher always said she was tired of seeing sunsets. Well this was an item on the list and I really wanted to see an Atlantic sunset. We almost missed the train because I had to see it but I got the shot and we caught a cab and made the train back to Santiago. 

When we were on the way to the lighthouse there was this small isolated beach that had two entrances. One was a nice boardwalk on to the sand from the main road, the other was a very steep clif type of path. I don't really think you could call it a path. It was a fun little adventure. 

This is the park right by my school in Madrid. I spent a couple of hours walking around it one day. I didn't fine very many bugs to shoot but I thought that I should take some general pictures of the park. In this picture it is much greener than when we first got here. It is looking better and better every day. 

Another picture from Santiago. I didn't even know I took it until I was looking at the pictures on my computer. 


Monica said...

That is a beautiful picture of the sunset. I love the clouds in front of the sun. We will have to get that one printed.