Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spanish music...

We went to a Spanish concert last night. It was pretty cool. There were 2 groups that performed and each person in the group was able to play many insturments. It was not a traditional concert. The groups played music from all around Spain. Different cultures and influences. I did not take my camera but others did so when this trip is over I will have some pictures of everything


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Your letting your mother win the picture contest??? She has put new ones on EVERYDAY!!!
We will have to find the average when both of your trips are done.

Kevin said...

It is not about quantity it is about quality.

ferrarasinflorida said...

what is up with no pictures posted lately, your mom does every are in the slacker dept.

Kelli said...

So your saying your mom's pictures are not "Quality"? Hmmmm, I think she will appreciate your honestly, don't you? HA ha ha!!
We are just all jealous that you are both somewhere exploring the world and we are just all working.
Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

cant we all just get along. Actually, it is about quantity. We are all sightseeing through your camera lens and so far, apan looks alot better than Spain. How about some new pictures. Have fun with Grampy and Linda
Kevin m

Monica said...

Dearest Kevin "M",
I don't think you need to sign "Kevin M" when you are talking to Kevin P. I am pretty sure he will know the message is not from himself.

Hey! Look how fun Kevin P's website is now??? With all our messages. Maybe we should take over his site since he is doing NOTHING!

Love you....Kevin M and Kevin P!
M (Monica and Mom)

Anonymous said...

Monica "M"
Just because you are 7000 miles away in Japan, doesnt mean you can give me crap on Kevin P's wesite. Wait until you get home for that.
This is great, giving each other crap on Kevin's website.
Oh, and by the way, I think
Kevin P is smart enough to figure out he is not sending messages to himself.
Maybe you should sign your name M&M (Monica and Mom)
Love you all
Kevin "M"

Monica said...

Kevin M
I miss giving you a hard time and you make it so easy here! What is a "wesite"?

Just trying to understand.
Love ya!